Restaurant at Savoury Sea Shell Residency, Bangalore

Savoury Restaurant joyfully welcomes you to a splendid and memorable dining experience in a dignified and serene ambiance. Savoury Restaurant offers you an array of amazing selection of authentic and specialized Arabian dishes, Indian delicacies, Chinese and Tandoor choices, Seafood delights & South Indian snacks & breakfast, to satisfy every discerning diner.

The restaurant is open from 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Established in 2002 with its first outlet in Frazer Town, Bangalore, Savoury Restaurant is now recognized as a leading specialty restaurant chain offering exquisite Arabian, Indian and Chinese culinary sensations in Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore. 

Savoury Restaurant with a history of more than a decade to its credit in serving quality food has recently been moved to a new premise (opposite to the old Savoury on the Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore)  with abundant and lavish floor space to accommodate the increasing number of our esteemed customers. Savoury now offers a stylish eating experience in a spacious and pleasant setting with spontaneously charming staff, discrete service and enticing food that is incomparable in the town.

Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency, Bangalore Bangalore Restaurant Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency Bangalore

The diversified Savoury menu includes delicacies from across the Arabian Sea and a wide variety of Arabic grilled items all in their original flavor. The number of Arabs who visit the restaurant stands testimony to this exotic originality. In fact it's the restaurant of choice for Arabs visiting or staying in Bangalore

The varied Indian items like Tandoor delicacies, North and South Indian culinary, range of Biriyanis and Seafood delights at Savoury are catered to blossom up your taste buds.
Savoury's Vegetarian and Chinese items are equally delicious.

Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency, Bangalore Bangalore Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency Bangalore
Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency, Bangalore Bangalore kitchen Hotel Savoury Sea Shell Residency Bangalore

The exclusive and seductive spices, fresh meat all skilfully blended in a hygienic atmosphere keeping in mind the health of our loyal customers by a team of proficient and dedicated chefs make Savoury's cuisine distinctive.

Another golden feather in the cap of Savoury is its snack bar with a typical class of yummy snacks, with a choice of fresh fruit juices which will take you to the pinnacle of eternal taste.

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